November 19, 2007

Buyers—Should I Stay or Let it Go? Much of the current real estate media attention has been focused on foreclosures and sub-prime lending practices. The media’s relentless impending doom stories have certainly rattled the nerves of the many would-be buyers. The question is should a buyer stay in the housing market hunt or let it go? Buyers tend to fall into at least one of three groups; buyers who believe the market will go down and are waiting on the sidelines, ones who can no longer qualify for a loan due to tighter lending guidelines, and buyers who see the new opportunities to own a home. The Buyers who can no longer qualify for a home loan are probably better off not trying to get in over their head anyway. Stretching the ability to repay a loan is a recipe for disaster and many of the people who find themselves in foreclosure are probably wishing they had never bought in the first place. The buyers who are aggressively looking for a home and seeking the market’s opportunities will most likely fare the best in years to come; buyers who wait until the media gives them the “all-clear” sign, will find they waited too long. Warren Buffet of Berkshire Hathaway, arguably the best investor of all time, states very succinctly in his business model that investors “…will understand that volatility provides investment opportunities and will use market drops to make good purchases." Mr. Buffet has also been quoted as saying “A good investor learns to insulate himself from...

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