November 13, 2007

When’s The Best Time to Sell a Home? (Part one of a five part series) Drew & Christine Morgan-Belmont Real Estate "Helping People Make Good Decisions"sm Introduction: Welcome to the introduction of our five part series on when is the best time to sell a home. We'll examine issues that affect home values and selling opportunties on a macro level, and then provide detailed information for our market sector. We hope you enjoy the series. When's The Best Time to Sell a Home? That simple question is one of the most frequently asked when we meet a seller. Unfortunately, the answer is not as easy. There are many factors which may influence your local market and having the data certainly helps one examine when may be the best time to sell a home Everyone knows real estate highs and lows-like in business-are cyclical. The recent 10 year run up in home values nationwide appears at its end (for now); though some parts of the country remain more effected than others. In this five part series we'll examine some of the indicators you can watch when trying to determine where your local market may be headed. On a macro scale, the overall housing outlook can be affected by a multitude of factors and indicators can be seen along the way. In this five part series we'll look at the following: Interest rates and the availability of mortgage money Consumer confidence Job creation and stability New home starts And on a more local level: Inventory Sales New listings Days on market Percent of asking received by the...

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